Morito Hataketo Ushito



Group Outline

Representative secretary – Kouta Ohishi

Secretary- Masaki Omojiro

●Office location

529-1,Sajiro,Okuizumo-cho, Shimane-ken, 〒699-1434, Japan

●Activity philosophy and purpose

A small mountain village in Okuzumo has accumulated water, nurtured resources, and played a role of feeding food and energy to the town. As such a series of mountain villages and towns nurture the city or connect with the world, there is a life economic and cultural sphere today. However, in recent decades, there is no bottom in the root of creating a cycle around the area, the decline of agriculture, forestry and livestock industry supporting the sustainability of local area. Human capital is one of depletion. In addition, the culture unique to the area and using cultivated plants and trees is about to disappear. The folkloric knowledge of food, clothing, shelter and livelihood cultivated by acts over a thousand years, once lost from this world can not be regenerated again.

“To eat is to live.” While we think deeply these words, we aim to rebuild deep and expansive culture around food.

Secondly, we regard region-specific traditional knowledge that has supported the primary industry such as agriculture, forestry and livestock as the foundation, as ecological management technology, adapt and preserve to modern society, sustain harmonious coexistence between people and nature We aim to make something.

Third, we will create a place where people with disabilities, people who need nursing care, people of different cultures with different words, and many other people can coexist through eating.

And in the darkness of the transitional turmoil, in the mountain village where we can not see, each one gathering at this group wishes to hand over the beautiful Noyama to the next generation, becoming small and strongly warm light .

●Business contents

1. Project to regenerate degraded forests and abandoned areas by traditional farming practices such as slash-and-burn farmland etc.

2. Activities to develop a holistic ecosystem approach to environmental resource assessment and management for middle and mountainous areas in the decline of human resources.

3. Study on traditional crops and gatherer cultures which are in danger of disappearance in Okuizumo and related cultural areas, as well as activities to conserve and reproduce as resources.

5. Promotion of industries based on the ranch where the cattle farm-Damuno mieru bokujou and its surrounding areas and creation of employment.

6. Planning and development of experiential program utilizing Satoyama nature in Okuizumo.

7. To contribute to social welfare and to promote the above project Practical study of various initiatives.

8. Other necessary activities to achieve the purpose of our group named Morito hataketo ushito.